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Engagement sessions by the Roots

Being able to meet for an engagement session before the wedding is always a fun opportunity for us. Not only do we get to know you better, but you'll be all the more familiar with our style. By the time your wedding comes around, it's just like hanging out... and we happen to have big cameras too. :)

With that said, here are some suggestions to get the most out of our time together!

  • To ensure the best light, we schedule sessions either ~45 minutes after sunrise or about two hours before sunset. Since we're in Florida, this helps keep everyone a bit cooler, but more importantly it's when the light is softest and most flattering.
  • With the above point in mind, pleeeease don't be late! This sounds pretty obvious, but we choose your session time based strictly on light. If you're 30 minutes late, that's 30 minutes of quality light that we no longer have.
  • If possible, leave the extra bags or purses in the car.
  • Unless you both wear matching white shirts and blue jeans on a daily basis, please don't wear them to your session- Our editing thrives on bright colors! Finally, don't be shy with accessories and don't wear anything you wouldn't wear in "real life." :)
  • I was going to end this with "Have fun!", but that sounds a little cheesy. So I'm just going to say... It might feel weird getting professional photos taken for the first few minutes, but if you trust us and relax, I promise you'll have fun!